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Optimizing Output in Vaccine Production

Optimizing Output in Vaccine Production


Efficient vaccine manufacturing requires effective, efficient cleaning protocols in place for the production facility. This protocol is a key factor in controlling bioburden and contamination, which minimizes down time and optimizes output. Choosing the right cleaning system for a vaccine facility is a critical part of the production process. Below are the essentials for selecting the right cleaning system.

• Performance (Cleaning Efficacy) – 3rd party lab cleaning efficacy testing with ≥99.99% reduction in surface bacteria

• Minimizes potential for cross contamination – wetting systems and hardware designed to eliminate cross contamination during the cleaning process

• Reduced time to clean – efficient cleaning and disinfecting to boost production output

• Decreases disinfectant residues – Mechanical removal of contamination (including previous cleaning residues) and laying down disinfectant in a one-step cleaning cycle

• Sustainability – minimizes disinfectant and WFI consumption and disposal

• Ergonomic – lightweight components together with “smart” features allows less effort to clean

• Versatility – one system for floors, walls and ceilings. Ability to get into tight, hard-to-reach spaces while also quickly covering large areas

CE DuoTM CleanTech® has been proven to effectively and efficiently clean and disinfect vaccine production facilities.

CE DuoTM CleanTech® System

System Benefits:

• Cleans and removes contamination with unique microfiber/foam mop head

• Reduces risk of cross-contamination with pre-prepared wetting system and color coding

• Minimizes cleaning solution required and decreases time to clean

• One system to clean floors, walls and ceilings

• Lightweight & easy to use


• Patented mop heads include engineered foam base for maximum absorbency, disinfectant application and microfiber overstitch for superior removal capability

• 3rd party lab testing demonstrates 99.99% reduction in surface bacteria

• Double-sided flat mop for 2X surface coverage

• Validated sterile version of mop heads available

• Available in handheld sponge for hard-to-reach areas


• Ergonomic and light weight, easy to use

• Compatible with all common CE disinfectants and cleaners

• Completely autoclavable

• Touchless removal of mop heads from frame

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