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Visante’s Top 10 for 2021

Visante’s Top 10 for 2021

The Leading Issues facing Hospital & Health System Pharmacy

A Year Like No Other Brings Unique Challenges & Opportunities

An introduction from Jim Jorgenson

As 2020 comes to a close, we recognize it has been a year like no other! Dominated by challenges and uncertainty with the pandemic and the economy, and the political landscape overshadowing everything. As always, and particularly in the face of rising challenges, we would like to thank our many clients for trusting us to support their organizations and to help them weather the storm as we head into what will hopefully be a better 2021. As we look ahead, as in years past, we are pleased to offer our insight and perspective on what we think will be the Top 10 items for pharmacy to consider in 2021. No doubt many of the challenges we face now will continue into 2021 but with big challenges also come big opportunities and we are very heartened and optimistic about the capability of pharmacy to step up and be a solution to many of these challenges. In 2021, we see expanded opportunities for pharmacy to take a greater leadership role and make larger organizational contributions to quality, safety and finances.  

As someone much wiser than I said, it’s important to remember not to get overwhelmed by these challenges but to remember to focus on what we can control which is:  what we think, what we say and what we do. At Visante we are thinking and acting to advance the business of pharmacy across all aspects of the healthcare continuum and are looking forward to helping even more organizations in the new year. 

1. Pharmacy Organization Structure

2. 340B Program

3. Vertical Integration and Marketplace Restrictions

4. Drug Prices and the Supply Chain

5. Infusion Services

6. Drug Shortages

7.The Pandemic

8. The Economy

9. The Election

10. Social Justice

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