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The goal is to detect and stop controlled substance diversion incidents before they cause harm to patients or the workforce. Protenus achieves this goal with its market-leading healthcare compliance analytics platform.

Built for overburdened hospital privacy, security, and drug diversion teams, the Protenus platform seamlessly integrates a wide array of data sources, applies AI-powered analytics to isolate potential threats, and provides a robust reporting suite to demonstrate your institution’s compliance posture.

Protenus uses artificial intelligence to do the heavy lifting, enabling the hospital staff to focus on what’s important — ensuring top-level care, patient privacy, and proper documentation of patient records and controlled substances while reducing risk across your organization. 

The AI-powered analytics contain algorithms that quickly provide management with user behavior that protects the hospital and patient. Everything about Protenus is easy and intuitive, such as the one-page view for compliance cases under investigation. 

At the end of the day, management is assured that the platform has quickly detected any diversions, prioritized real threats, and accounted for every dose in the facility. 


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