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Janssen Vaccine Effectiveness Data

Janssen Vaccine Effectiveness Data

The FDA's effectiveness data includes an analysis of 39,321 participants, also mostly from South Africa, South America, Mexico and the US. They did not have evidence of a COVID-19 infection before receiving the vaccine. 

Of them:

• 19,630 participants received the vaccine

• And 19,691 received a placebo.

The FDA found the vaccine to be 67% effective in preventing moderate to severe COVID-19 occurring the first two weeks after vaccination and 66% effective in preventing moderate to severe/critical COVID-19 at least 28 days after vaccination. 

Between the effectiveness of a single dose and months-long stability in a simple medical refrigerator, the J&J vaccine truly is a game-changer. We all look forward to a time when Coronavirus vaccines are "one and done" and available in the most remote corners of the world. The fight against COVID-19 happening on a global battleground, not only a domestic one. 

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