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The ABS Portfolio

The ABS Portfolio

At American Biotech Supply, our mission is to provide a full range of temperature-controlled equipment for our customers across the healthcare, clinical research, laboratory and pharmaceutical segments. In the race against COVID-19, we have expedited ultra-low freezers — and now refrigerators — to the hospitals and providers that need them.

We look forward to providing medical refrigerators to help you store the J&J vaccine.

Our portfolio includes everything from small capacity countertop refrigerators and freezers to cryogenic freezers for long-term sample preservation. Our medical refrigerator and freezer products are designed in various configurations, ranging from general purpose cold storage to medical and pharmaceutical storage with stringent temperature performance requirements. 

Hospitals, private practices, clinics and pharmacies must ensure that the proper cold storage equipment is in place. Whether frozen, refrigerated, and room temperature storage, American BioTech Supply can support all vaccine candidates' temperature ranges and provide solutions for any size requirements.

Our portfolio includes:

• 4°C Refrigerators

• -20°C to -40°C Low Temperature Freezers

• -86°C Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

• -196°C Cryogenic Freezers

• And other specialty items like Controlled Auto Defrost Freezers

Check out our other blogs and contact us immediately if you have questions about our cold storage solutions. We can help you choose the right product for your practice, whether you plan on providing the Pfizer, Moderna or Janssen vaccine. 

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