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A Clean Savings Sweep


To pass inspection, the cleanroom needs to be cleaner than clean. We’re talking zero room for particulates. Next-level clean. It’s a process that could take hours. Who has that kind of time? 

Clean up to 2,000 sq. ft. in a single cycle with our smart mop system! The Mop Head Prep Container allows mop heads to be prepped in advance and carried to the cleanroom while the dual-sided Sterile Mop Heads, together with the Mop Frame and Extendable Handle, cover twice the surface area for more cost-effective cleaning. 

Unlike ordinary mops, this frame allows for hands-free alternation of the mop heads to cover twice the surface area. Users save up to $10 for every two single-sided mop heads they use by cleaning with both sides. 

The mop’s lightweight extendable handle allows users to reach practically every surface for hassle-free cleaning without the physical strain caused by traditional mops. Clean floors, walls and ceilings according to code — easily — every time. 

In addition, colored clips on the bucket and mop handles make it easy to code cleaning equipment for at-a-glance identification of contents, status or spaces. 

Earn high praise from inspectors without spending hours to achieve it. Give us a call today and we’ll ship the components right away! 

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