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Don’t Let Contamination Risk Linger

Don’t Let Contamination Risk Linger


Excessive handling of wipes canisters can leave behind microorganisms that get passed along to the next person in line. Without proper protection, the risk for contamination lingers.

Minimize the potential for unnecessary sharing with this hygienically designed Surface Wipes Dispenser. It features an antibacterial self-closing lid and limits direct contact to protect users. 

Mount the dispenser to a wall or use it on a countertop along with SafePlus™ Surface Wipes. These low-linting dry wipes remove 99.98% of bacteria from surfaces, no disinfectant needed. To use with liquid cleaners, simply pour the solution into the wipe pouch for absorption. Watch our Fast Break to see how easy it is to use. 

Don’t be next in line when it comes to contamination risk. Choose a safer option with this powerful duo instead!   

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