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Help Prevent Drug Diversion and Keep Employees Safe


Help Prevent Drug Diversion and Keep Employees Safe 


Improper disposal of pharmaceutical waste can lead to hazardous workplace conditions for your employees and patients. In addition, it can also produce harmful environmental effects that can have long-lasting consequences.

As a leader in Rx Waste Disposal, Stericycle’s Pharmaceutical Waste Solutions offer:

• Protection of the Community & Environment: preventing Rx waste from entering the environment, waterways, and communities

• Flexible Service Options: offering full-service and self-service options for your facility as well as kiosk and mail back options for your patients' Rx disposal needs

• Regulatory Compliance: documentation and processes to maintain compliance with EPA, DOT, Federal and State Regulations for Non-RCRA and RCRA Pharmaceutical Waste


Learn More about how our pharmaceutical waste disposal service can provide a safe and environmentally friendly solution for your healthcare facility.

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