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BestRx and FDS Amplicare Establish Preferred Partnership to Extend Comprehensive Medical Billing to Independent Pharmacies

BestRx and FDS Amplicare Establish Preferred Partnership to Extend Comprehensive Medical Billing to Independent Pharmacies

New agreement to streamline integration of FDS Amplicare's medical billing solution with BestRx's Pharmacy Management System

FDS Amplicare, a leading pharmacy technology provider, and BestRx, a software solutions company whose mission is to deliver affordable, easy-to-use, tailored pharmacy software solutions that address the unique demands of independent community pharmacies, today announced a preferred partnership that will enable pharmacies to integrate FDS Amplicare's MedBill medical billing solution with BestRx's Pharmacy Management System with little disruption to current pharmacy workflows.

Under the terms of the preferred partnership, BestRx will promote MedBill to its customer base. Pharmacies choosing to implement MedBill are well-positioned to improve patient care, drive additional business, and optimize reimbursements for all types of patient care services, including flu shots and immunizations; supplies and medical equipment; diabetes prevention programs; transitional care management; biometric screening; and diagnostic testing.

The FDS Amplicare-BestRx preferred partnership agreement comes as pharmacies find themselves at the center of community initiatives across the nation to deliver much-needed point-of-care testing and vaccination administration. In addition, pharmacists offer chronic care management and other medical services that are eligible for reimbursement through both government and private payers.

"The essential role independent pharmacies play in promoting better community health has never been more important," said Michael Ziegler, Vice President, FDS Amplicare, Strategic Partnerships. "However, to fully realize the value they can deliver to their communities, it is critical for pharmacies to embrace the opportunity to expand the breadth of clinical services offered to patients, such as vaccine administration and point-of-care diagnostic testing. Only then will they transform themselves into New Era Pharmacies delivering essential medical services reimbursed at a level that reflects their commitment to their communities."

"While COVID-19 has placed unmatched burdens on our healthcare system, this public health crisis has opened the door for pharmacists and other trained medical providers to step up to identify new opportunities," said Hemal Desai, President, BestRx. "We are pleased that our preferred partnership with FDS Amplicare will empower independent pharmacies to improve cash flow and optimize reimbursement as they rise to the occasion to provide an expanded range of patient-care services."

In addition to streamlining the billing process, MedBill helps pharmacies:

• Simplify the claims process under the medical benefit

• Obtain electronic eligibility verification and eliminate costly manual billing services

• Track refills, rentals, secondary, and held claims

• Automatically set influenza and pneumococcal vaccination rates to ensure accurate billing

To learn more about FDS Amplicare's MedBill, click here.

About FDS Amplicare

FDS Amplicare strengthens the health of pharmacies and their patients. We empower community pharmacies to build the clinically-focused New Era Pharmacy, enabling their business to thrive now and successfully transition to a community and population health provider through data insights, purpose-built technology solutions, and clinical services enablement. Read more about FDS Amplicare at and

About BestRx Pharmacy Software

BestRx is a leader in innovative software solutions that help independent, community pharmacies succeed. For two generations, BestRx has studied the unique needs of independent pharmacies to create tools that benefit pharmacy owners, patients, and communities. BestRx's software supports billing, automation and compliance to help pharmacies succeed — for the health of patients and the development of the community. For more information visit

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