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Pharma Logistics

Why Pharma Logistics?

The Reverse Distribution Experts

At Pharma Logistics we specialize in pharmaceutical reverse distribution, handling the return credit process for retail pharmacies, hospital pharmacies and other healthcare providers across the nation. Whether you need to get your credits more quickly, are looking for a convenient way to ship your expired drugs or would like more visibility into the status of your returned products, Pharma Logistics has a seamless service to ensure compliance and improve profitability.

Pharma Logistics Benefits for Pharmacies

  • Faster credits: Supports cash flow and ROI for your organization
  • Boost cash flow more quickly with reduced reconciliation time
  • Spend less time on accounting: reduce your reconciliation time up to 25 hours per month
  • Precision Processing allows for the line item reconciliation, delivering greater return credit accuracy
  • Our 100% Credit Promise: If you don’t receive 100% of the estimated return value, we’ll pay the difference of your service fee
  • Online Client Portal offers real-time visibility and return analytics

Box & Ship or Onsite Services
Our hassle-free pharmaceutical returns services save your pharmacy time and labor while keeping you compliant. Choose the best return service for your pharmacy:

Box & Ship
Just place your unused or expired pharmaceuticals in a box and ship them to us—we’ll take it from there. We provide you with:

  • Prepaid shipping labels
  • DEA form 222
  • Tamper-proof bags

Trained and licensed representatives from Pharma Logistics come onsite to handle ready-to-return materials. We will:

  • Check paperwork
  • Ensure proper packaging
  • Prepare shipment for carrier pickup

Rapid Credit Program Delivers Faster Reimbursement

  • You will receive reimbursement within 14 days of your returnable product arriving at our warehouse.
  • Pharma Logistics assumes the risk of a decrease in return value (due to changes in manufacturer policies).
  • Use our Rapid Credit Program with both our Onsite and Box and Ship services. 

Improve Your Return Credits and ROI
Many return credit vendors can only offer you static pricing. At Pharma Logistics, our twice-patented program allows us to offer dynamic pricing that better reflects industry pricing trends. We give our clients visibility into the returns process by reconciling line-by-line. This means we can accurately assign credits to each of our clients rather than just processing a group of jobs in a batch and averaging them all together. This delivers greater compliance and return credit accuracy for your pharmacy.

Our Online Client Portal reporting tool saves users hours of labor otherwise spent hunting for data. We give you real-time analysis and leave you free to focus on healthcare again.

Additional Compliance Services
Our full range of pharmaceutical return services covers everything your pharmacy needs to remain fully compliant.

  • Repackaged Controlled Substance Credit program (RCSCP): We can help your pharmacy to determine which products can be returned for credit and which must be destroyed. We also provide you with DEA 222 forms
  • Drug Take-Back program: We provide your pharmacy with secure bins, so your patients have an easy way to properly dispose of over-the-counter medications, prescription drugs and controlled prescription drugs. This helps protect your community from prescription drug abuse and accidental poisoning; reduces the dangers of pharmaceutical waste through environmentally safe disposal
  • Inventory services: Free up hours of labor by taking advantage of Pharma Logistics’ 3rd-party drug inventory services.

Online Analytics
Beware, not every vendor provides reports showing exactly where your credit is in the return process and how much you can expect to collect. 
For added visibility, Pharma Logistics provides you with our Online Client Portal for 24/7 data access. Improve your ROI by saving hours of labor, quickly tracking your return jobs and credits in real time. Real-Time Analytics include:

  • Estimated Return Value (ERV) calculation 
  • Dashboard showing status of all returns and disposals 
  • Line-item reporting
  • Credit tracking
  • Expected and paid credits
  • Data export to support compliance and financial reporting

In addition, our customer advocate team will train your pharmacy staff to use the portal to generate reports, paperwork and other useful information so that your entire organization is aligned on the value of your program.

How to Get Started with Pharma Logistics
Call us at 888-729-7427 or visit and we’ll make sure you get all the information you need to make the best decision for your pharmacy.

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