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Pharmacolog specializes in providing solutions and products to optimize intravenous medication therapy, prevent drug related errors, drug diversion detection and quality control.


Provides a simple and effective way to analyze the identity and concentration of discarded narcotics from surgical procedures or nursing care areas. WasteLog® measures a small sample (0.3–0.5 ml) using spectrometry technology to provide a result in 2-3 seconds. The user friendly WasteLog® system is portable to maximize analyzing the return and waste of injectable controlled substances, compounded IV’s, syringes and PCA’s in multiple areas of the hospital. Apart from instant validation, to discover the immediate illicit handling of unused narcotics, WasteLog® measurement results data can easily be transferred to your existing data analytics tools to provide additional advanced trend analyses that can help discover more elusive or sophisticated attempts at drug diversion. Whether you are in the planning phase or have a Drug Diversion Prevention Program already in place WasteLog™ can easily fit into your workflow.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Instant verification of identity and concentration prior to waste
  • Key component of Diversion Prevention programs
  • Allows onsite calibration of new formulary items.
  • Instant analysis and graph results on screen for qualitative analysis
  • Data shared with your analytical software platform.
  • Use of cuvettes secures sample for further analysis if required.
  • Use of latest absorption Spectroscopy technology. 
  • Quick, Reliable, Affordable, User Friendly System
  • Mobile system can be used in different wards or facilities.

DrugLog® is a robust and proven stand-alone solution for reducing errors in the drug compounding process. It can verify the identity and concentration of liquid pharmaceuticals in an instant and prints a label to be attached to syringe or infusion bag. DrugLog® is a unique combination of cutting-edge software and reliable well-established hardware for absorption spectroscopy. Users can easily and quickly determine whether a diluted or a compounded drug comprises the right substance at the right concentration before it leaves the pharmacy therefor reducing the risk of medication errors. The complexity of medical compounding demands extra precautions be taken. This extra precaution is exactly what DrugLog® provides, whether you use robotic technology or a manual compounding process. DrugLog® is the perfect complement to your compounding robotics as a tool for independent verification of a batch run or post maintenance/software upgrade to your robotic system. The system is also a key tool for technician training evaluations and performance.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Instant verification of identity and concentration prior to infusion
  • Reduces risk for medication errors
  • Instant analysis and graph results on screen for qualitative analysis
  • Provides consistency in drug preparation.
  • Compliments existing robotic systems in place.
  • Key tool for measuring technician (compounders) accuracy and performance.
  • Quick, Reliable, Affordable verification system
  • On site Calibrations of new formulary items

PrepLog® provides a comprehensive solution for interfacing your HIS prescription software with the quality control of compounded medications to ensure safe and reliable drug preparations for patients. The integrated PrepLog® solution automatically receives the patient order information from your HIS system that includes the expected substances and concentrations. Once the medication is compounded manually or by robotics a measurement will result in verifying the correct substances and concentration based on the order received and print a label. The result information is then automatically sent back to the HIS patient record giving visibility to all clinicians that the infusion is the intended medications and concentrations prior to administration to the patient. PrepLog® offers an easy-to-use method for true validation of each chemotherapy dose that is sent to the oncology ward ensuring medication efficacy and reduction in medication errors.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Quality-assured workflow for the preparation and control of compounded medication
  • Reduces risk for medication errors.
  • Fully integrated with Physician ordering system
  • Result data sent to Patient Electronic Medication Administration Record
  • Provides peace of mind to Pharmacy Personnel. 
  • Ideal for all Chemotherapy compounding

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