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Surfaces remain cleaner longer thanks to this emulsion-based cleaner.

Surfaces remain cleaner longer thanks to this emulsion-based cleaner. 


Keep Surfaces Cleaner Longer

It’s been a hectic day in the cleanroom and protocol requires a rigorous surface cleaning. Do you have the proper formula to match your cleaning rotation cycle? 

STEEL-BRIGHT® aerosol cleaner removes residue, spots and stains from stainless steel equipment and appliances, which includes most everything in the cleanroom. As versatile as it is effective, it performs well in non-sterile spaces, too. 

Because STEEL-BRIGHT is an emulsion-based cleaner, it won’t rainbow or accumulate heavy build up. Surfaces remain cleaner longer because there is no residue film to attract soil. 

This double-bagged sterile formula is tested according to USP compendium and completely traceable from start to finish. Cans are available individually or in cases of 24 and are ready for same-day shipment. 

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