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A Reverse Distributor is The Partner No Pharmacy Can Afford to Overlook

Flash Returns

Introducing Compass Powered by Flash Returns

With Flash's web-based returns platform stay educated on your pharmacies orders, inventories, credits, and so much more! 

A Reverse Distributor is The Partner No Pharmacy Can Afford to Overlook 

• No Nickel & Diming

Our entire process from our prices to your payouts is clear and cost-effective. You wont find hidden fees and educational destruction costs like other companies. 

• Customized Customer Service

Call us and find out - any questions or concern you ever have will be answered with prompt responses, not phone prompts and more voicemails. 

• Sign Up, Scan, & Ship! 

With our same-day sign up and simple proprietary portal, you can scan your out-of-date product to ship out today! 

• Cash in a Flash! 

Need your money faster? For a small surcharge, we can expedite your payment. Talk to one of our reps today to find out more! 

What to learn more? Contact a Flash Returns representative today! 

Jeremy Chase

Director of Sales

P: 513-246-0327 

Jim Sorrentino

President & COO

P: 513-246-1347 

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