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Why is Population Health Pharmacy Important?

Why is Population Health Pharmacy Important?

We are in a crisis where access to quality health care and the continuing cost of health care continue to be a challenge. Now, more than ever, there is a need for pharmacists with an expertise in population health to bridge the gaps and allow all patients to have equal accessibility and outcomes regarding medication use.  Population Health Pharmacists assess how the socioeconomic, biologic, behavioral, and environmental factors impact medication use – especially in vulnerable or underserved populations.  Pharmacists with this expertise will be prepared to design and implement strategies to improve health outcomes associated with medication use such as improved adherence and access to care, evidence-based best practices, and health and wellness interventions. 

The MS in Population Health Pharmacy will allow the pharmacist to:
• Associate the factors that impact health status with medication use and outcomes
• Integrate pharmacy informatics, biostatistical and pharmacoepidemiologic principles to analyze real life medication use scenarios
• Apply evidence-based medicine to specific populations
• Influence population health care within health systems,  community pharmacy and managed care settings
• Promote cost savings within health systems, managed care markets or insurance companies
• Push boundaries and further expand the role of the pharmacy profession

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