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How Population Health Pharmacy can change your career

How Population Health Pharmacy can change your career

A degree in Population Health Pharmacy will elevate and expand your expertise and skills in designing, implementing and assessing programs that will optimize health outcomes and resource utilization across all pharmacy practice settings. Our online Master of Science or Graduate Certificate program is designed for working pharmacists to become leaders in population-based care. 

In community pharmacies, population health pharmacists collaborate with payors to ensure all patients have equal access to wellness and adherence initiatives.  Health-system pharmacists lead formulary management and evidence-based care pathways to keep patients safe and allow them to reduce repeated admissions.  Ambulatory care pharmacists provide educational and clinical programs to promote health and quality metrics for various populations.  Within managed care, pharmacists work tirelessly to promote the use of the safe and cost-effective medications. 

Coursework within the Population Health Pharmacy program focuses on integrating pharmacy informatics, biostatistical and pharmacoepidemiologic principles to analyze real-life medication use scenarios. Pharmacists will be able to influence population health care within health systems or community pharmacy settings and promote cost savings and evidence-based medicine in managed care populations.   Ultimately, expertise in this degree will allow pharmacists to continue to push boundaries and further expand the role of the pharmacy profession.

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