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Clinical Population Health Pharmacy Jobs

Clinical Population Health Pharmacy Jobs

Positions for Population Health Pharmacy specialists are increasing.  Health systems and accountable care organizations are focusing their efforts on managing the health of their patient populations, especially those vulnerable patients with chronic disease states and high utilization of health services.  Population Health Pharmacists are responsible to assess, design and implement medication management strategies to improve patient outcomes, which includes the provision of clinical pharmacy services to aid in the care of complex patients, contributions to formulary recommendations, and creation of protocols and standards of practice for medication management.  Clinicians are expected to assess for the appropriateness of medications, make recommendations based on clinical findings, concomitant use of medications, complexity of regimen, patient preference and cost, and aid in transitions of care to ensure patient safety. 

A degree in Population Health Pharmacy is designed to prepare pharmacists to be able to be leaders in health systems and accountable care organizations surrounding the care of complex patient populations. Community pharmacists have the opportunity to influence patient adherence and improve chronic diseases by implementing community wellness programs. Expertise in this field is increasingly being sought out and population health pharmacy credentials allow pharmacists to be on the cutting edge of patient care. 

To meet the expectations of this emerging field, the Jefferson College of Pharmacy has a 100% online MS program for Population Health Pharmacy.  The program is a collaborative effort between the Jefferson College of Pharmacy and the Jefferson College of Population Health. The pharmacy specific perspective will allow pharmacists to expand their influence over direct patient care, promote cost savings within managed care markets, and continue to push boundaries and further expand the role of the pharmacy profession. By leveraging pharmacy specific knowledge with population health principles, graduates will be poised to meet the needs of the current resource-limited, fragmented US health care system.

For more information on the Jefferson College of Pharmacy Population Health Pharmacy program, please visit or contact Emily Hajjar, PharmD (

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