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Improved Outcomes Through Specialty Pharmacy

The prevalence of health system-owned specialty pharmacies in large hospitals is a growing trend. Excelera is a prime example of why specialty pharmacies have expanded and succeeded. Through its national-scale collaboration, Excelera’s network gains access to limited distribution drugs and garners patient data for an in-depth understanding of medication usage and total cost of care.

In addition to patient, provider, and payer, dispense, and claims data, Excelera also captures therapy management, interventions, and diagnosis information to improve outcomes.

Excelera has built a foundation for an informed and connected pharmacy to make a difference in care delivery. Its proprietary data platform strengthens health system specialty pharmacies. Pharmacy staff can leverage this platform to collect data from different source systems throughout the complex pharmacy patient journey.

Health systems that are part of the Excelera network perform at the highest standards in specialty pharmacy. As a result, the network transforms how health systems deliver care for complex pharmacy patients, resulting in an exceptional patient experience, improved health outcomes, and reduced costs.


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