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The Ingenuity Of Collaboration

The first step is listening to our customers on their prescription fulfillment needs. That feedback is how Tension Packaging & Automation develops a customer-specific solution rather than a generic product. Their customers receive a proprietary system and field-tested equipment.

Tension’s process isn’t a one-and-done transaction, whether it’s working with vendors or customers. The Tension engineering team collaborates with the pharmacy team to analyze its workflows and understand what makes the pharmacy unique. Then Tension uses industry-exclusive products to improve efficiencies and workflows. The pharmacy can feel confident that Tension has vetted industry-leading partners and suppliers to provide best-in-class solutions proven to drive efficiencies through automation. 

Whether the pharmacy is central-fill, mail-order, hospital, retail, or specialty pharmacies, Tension creates flexible, scalable automation. Their secret sauce is the reassurance that pharmacies receive because Tension gets the details right on every step from design-build to full-scale operation.


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