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Laboratory is an all-encompassing term to describe where scientists and researchers develop drugs and discover new therapeutics that improve health and well-being. Superior Laboratory Services (SLSI) ensures success stems from that controlled environment and continually performs on every level from air quality to protection.

SLSI can design or redesign a clean room, biosafety level 3, vivarium, or any other specialty facility. Customers can receive a modular lab of framed steel or out of a Conex container.

Customers can trust SLSI to perform numerous lab certification services, including Clean Room Certification, Biological Safety Cabinet Certification (I, II, & III), Pharmacy Certification, and Chemical Fume Hood Certification.

Labquip, Inc, SLSI sister company, provides seamlessness to your lab build. This synergy eliminates headaches when installing cabinets, tops, hoods, blowers, filter systems, water systems, sinks, and more. The facilities benefit from a long-lasting network of relationships to deliver superior service.


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