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Conway's Pharmacy Implements Pouch Packaging with Euclid Medical Products

Conway's Pharmacy Implements Pouch Packaging with Euclid Medical Products


Implementing pharmacy automation through pouch packaging technology is proven to improve patient adherence and increase operational efficiencies. For many smaller retail pharmacies, pharmacy automation technology can mean the difference between staying afloat and going under.

Conway’s Pharmacy, located in both Mt. Vernon and Danville, Ohio, first opened its doors in 2006 as an independent pharmacy within the medical campus Knox Medical Pavilion. For not being a Big Box pharmacy, Conway’s receives a lot of local traction and community support due to their outstanding customer service and incredibly dedicated and friendly staff. But in 2020, they wanted to take their commitment to their fellow Buckeyes one step further.


Owner Denise Conway has been interested in the benefits of pouch packaging from the beginning. “There is a huge opportunity to talk about compliance pouch packaging with our customers to help better our community,” said Conway. “Pouch packaging can offer support in many ways. It takes the worry off a family member who is taking care of their patient at home, it combats non-adherence by synchronizing medications, it can increase operations and reduce time.”

The company was ready to do more for their local hospital to gain better outcomes, but they needed a solution that would easily work well for the clientele and pharmacists, be cost-effective and, most importantly, be small enough for their compact space.

“While we’re still small, Conway’s has grown into a complex and multifaceted facility,” said Conway. “We knew we wanted to turn to pouch packaging, but didn’t know where to start. What company was going to fit my needs both spatially and financially? I have 1,400 square feet of space at Conway’s, so we require a solution with a small footprint. Initially, I wasn’t finding any company that could fill those needs.”


After doing some research and connecting with Euclid at a healthcare conference, Conway quickly realized an Axial® Multi-Dose Machine from Euclid Medical Products fit all of her criteria. The Axial® machines are a line of next generation strip adherence pouch packaging machines and consumables with unit- and multi-dose capabilities. Using the Axial® packaging machine promotes medication adherence and simplifies the process for the patient by packaging medications all in one pouch and labeling with the appropriate time of day, directions and other valuable information.

“Euclid’s Axial® machine offers peace of mind,” said Conway. “We can tell our patients, ‘Let Conway’s help you during these unprecedented times and after. Let us take care of the medications for your loved one. Let us do the refill remembering for you.’ And that is why we’re investing money in this product. We think a lot about this positivity when purchasing something like the Axial® machine.”

The Axial® Multi-Dose Packaging Machines come in two models: Axial® RMD-144 and Axial® RMD-352. Its revolutionary rotary design allows for easy canister access, the ability to store 144 to 352 canisters at a time and can package up to 65 pouches per minute. What makes Axial® the most standout product for Conway’s however, is its size, as both boast a smaller footprint than any other machine on the market at 2x2 foot or 2x4 foot, respectively.

Conway continued, “I was set on pouch packaging, but so many machines are a huge size and large financial investment. Conway’s wasn’t going to be able to handle that big of a piece of machinery with such a high price tag. Euclid was perfect for me. Its small footprint, lower cost and high packaging capabilities were just what my pharmacy needed. Independent pharmacists need to know that you don’t need to spend an obscene amount of money to implement pouch packaging. Euclid has a phenomenal product here for a great price and size that makes it the best investment.”


In just a short amount of time, Conway’s Pharmacy was able to see the power of Axial® Multi-Dose Packaging Machines for their business and clientele. “This purchase from Euclid Medical Products has added to our pharmacy’s overall value and is already increasing business every day,” said Conway. “Through word of mouth, we’ve had everyone from family members of elderly patients to home healthcare nurses come in and ask about our pouch packaging. Medical providers, nurses, in-home care agencies and more are all excited about what we’re doing.”

The number of customers on medication synchronization now is also notable. Conway added, “We are just entering our fifth month of using the Axial® machine. Overall, we have seen a 5% increase in customer usage.” When accounting for the new customers Conway’s has brought on in the last five months, that number doubles, and is expected to continually increase throughout the new year.

Conway’s biggest customer is also benefiting from the machines. “We service 20 different group homes that have over 60 patients,” said Conway. “Once a month, we are scheduled to fill all of their prescriptions – that’s over 600 medications total. With the Axial®, we’ve transitioned all of the patients over to the compliance packaging system. What took us two weeks manually can now be completed in just two days.”

Conway continued, “The Axial® machine simplifies our workflow and makes filling prescriptions quick and efficient. It allows our pharmacists to help other patients and work on diverse clinical opportunities that they wouldn’t have been able to do had they been filling prescriptions by hand.”

When asked if she recommends Euclid to other retail pharmacies, Denise shared, “It has been awesome. We highly recommend Euclid Medical Products!”

Interested in seeing what we can do for you? Call us at 800.727.2543 or email us at to learn more about our Axial® Multi-Dose Machines or our other automated medical packaging equipment.

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