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Manrex Announces Purchase of RM1 Pill Counting Technology from RxMedic

Manrex Announces Purchase of RM1 Pill Counting Technology from RxMedic

Winnipeg, Canada, March 31st, 2021 - Manrex announced today they have completed the purchase of the Intellectual Property, Manufacturing assets and Branding rights for the RM1 Table-Top Pill Counter from RxMedic of North Carolina. This purchase confirms Manrex’s commitment to providing cost effective pharmacy automation to the pharmacy industry, while also expanding Manrex’s business presence in the US market.

“RxMedic is pleased that Manrex will be taking over the RM1 business – we were looking for an organization that put customers first and we found that with Manrex.” states Matt Pike of RxMedic. “Manrex was already a proven partner, representing the RM1 in Canada very successfully for many years. Knowing the RM1 Table-Top Pill Counter will continue to expand its market presence with Manrex provides us with great peace of mind as we turn over the RM1 business to them.”

“We are absolutely thrilled to be trusted with the continued growth of the RM1 in the pharmacy marketplace” says John Webster, VP of Product Innovation at Manrex. “RxMedic has done a fantastic job not only in designing the RM1 Pill Counter initially, but in developing such a strong customer following for the product with pharmacists across America. We want to build on that support and let other pharmacists know what great value the RM1 brings to pharmacies of any size and volume.”

Fiona Webster Mourant, CEO of Manrex highlighted the benefit of pharmacy automation for any pharmacy. “As with all our product offerings, the RM1 reflects our goal of increasing the time available to the pharmacist for client counseling. Ultimately this builds stronger client rapport, provides insight into the importance of proper medication adherence and helps reduce the opportunity for medication errors. We have specialized in this area for nearly 50 years and our clients always look forward to the new innovations we are able to bring them from our network of partners around the world.”

About Manrex

Manrex Limited, a Canadian company specializing in medication error prevention, offering an extensive range of medication management systems to assist both pharmacists and nurses. Manrex Limited continues to be a leading provider of medication adherence systems, long term care systems, medication carts, pharmacy automation and pill crushers to markets around the world.

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1-800-665-7652 For Canada

1-888-927-6287 For USA

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