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Pharmacists are stressed…

Pharmacists are stressed…


...and here's why

According to a recent Surescripts survey, 71% of specialty pharmacists say they’re stressed at work, with time-sucking tasks that include verifying information, tracking approvals, coordinating financial assistance, and requesting corrections. Did you know that pharmacists can spend up to 30 minutes on the phone for every prescription? Not to mention all. the. faxing. Who has time for that?


Let’s face it

No one becomes a pharmacist because they love phoning, faxing, printing and then phoning, faxing, and printing again. Let’s not even talk about DIR. Truthtime, pharmacists are highly educated medical professionals that impact peoples lives, if not save lives. They want to serve patients and provide them with excellent care. Unfortunately, though, the current specialty prescription process often leaves pharmacists feeling like accountants and shipping experts. There’s nothing wrong with that, and we love them too, but you didn’t become a pharmacist to dote on dollars and boxes. You would rather dote over patients.

"The current specialty prescription process leaves pharmacists feeling more like admins than pharmacists."  — Surescripts Pharmacist Perspective Survey

69% of survey respondents indicated that staying on top of administrative tasks interferes with their ability to provide patient care. Not only is this taxing pharmacists, but it affects patients, too, who may experience wait times of more than 10 days.

So it’s understandable that frustration sets in when delays prevent specialty pharmacies from getting much-needed medications and therapies to their patients. After all, most pharmacists serve the very communities they live in; their patients are not revenue-generating units, they are neighbors.

These delays are more than just inconveniences to the pharmacist. The consequences extend beyond pharmacists and go straight to patients, potentially interfering with medication adherence. If pharmacies are waiting three days or longer for prior authorization approvals and engaging in arduous and complicated manual processes, patients are waiting and waiting on the other end. Sadly, evidence shows that can mean some patients don’t take medication at all, simply because it takes too long to get.

"Evidence shows some patients might not take medication at all, simply because it takes too long to get."

That needs to change

Surescripts survey respondents agree on one way to help: enable them to more effectively communicate with prescribers in a secure way. Keycentrix customers have been saying the same thing, so we took to improving our Newleaf pharmacy management software and designed it to help move the fulfillment process along quickly with communication functionality already built in. It allows for secure messaging within the system, with options for automatic updates and custom messages. So pharmacists can keep processes moving forward and keep their sanity at the same time.

We think our products can meet all your pharmacy management needs. In fact, we’ve heard back from several of our customers that the transition to Newleaf has been worth it.


Don't just take our word for it

Check out this candid feedback we received from Tim, President of Sterling Specialty Pharmacy:

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