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The Art of Billing for Couriers

The Art of Billing for Couriers

One of the more frustrating parts of dealing with their local courier is the billing process. In most cases, the invoice, along with being difficult to read and understand, will come littered with charges that are unexplained and unexpected. 'Fuel-Surcharge', 'Wait-time' and other charges will appear on the bill, most times without you knowing that they even existed as charges. These are referred to as 'Accessorial Charges' in the industry. In our company, they do not exist. We feel that when we enter a partnership with you these considerations are included in the rates that we decide are fair, together. Along with each invoice, we include a sheet that spells out all deliveries that occurred within that pay period and what you were charged for each delivery or route. This 'Invoice Breakdown' was created to make invoices easy to read and understand for all of our clients. We want you to know exactly what you are being charged for every delivery made. 


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