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The Space Needed for Vaccinations and More

The roll-out of vaccines at stadiums, churches, and gymnasiums has put a spotlight on consultation screens. The partitions have afforded needed privacy for patients to ask questions and feel comfortable during a life-changing experience. 

Uniweb’s pop-out consultation areas are the apt solution for health departments, hospitals, and pharmacies administering vaccines. It provides safe, semi-private areas where patients can relax and sense a calming environment. 

The designers at Uniweb crafted a welcoming space using privacy glass doors and panels that pull in natural light. The inviting setting also features sound-absorbing décor fabric panels to maintain patient confidentially.

Healthcare facilities can install the screens anywhere. The flexible and portable nature of the pop-out screens allows the staff to tailor the setting as needed. The multipurpose screen partition space allows for one-on-one customer care, employee discussions, and more. Uniweb designs its products for compliance with the American Disabilities Act (ACT). 


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