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Faculty Spotlight: Alex Mutebi

Faculty Spotlight: Alex Mutebi

Alex Mutebi, Ph.D., currently works as a Director in the Center for Outcomes Research, Real World Evidence, and Epidemiology team at Genmab, an international biotechnology company with a core purpose to improve the lives of patients with cancer. In this role, Alex leads HEOR and RWE strategies and tactics to support the value proposition of products being developed for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. Alex previously worked in the RWE team at Vertex Pharmaceuticals and HEOR teams at Novartis and Amgen. Prior to that, he worked in frontline patient care delivery in the UK. Alex received his bachelor’s degree in managing in health and social care organizations from the Leeds Metropolitan University (UK), a Master of Science degree in health economics and management from the University of Sheffield (UK), and a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Economics, Policy, and Outcomes Research from the University of Arizona.


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