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Faculty Spotlight: Helen E. McKnight

Faculty Spotlight: Helen E. McKnight

Helen McKnight graduated from the University of Florida with a PharmD degree and completed a Pharmacy Practice (now called PGY-1) Residency at the University of Maryland Medical System. She has been a pharmacist for 22+ years. Prior to moving to Alabama, She practiced pharmacy in South Florida, then Upstate New York. Over the years, she’s been fortunate to be part of the ASHP “Leading Edge” and ASHP Foundation “Pharmacy Leadership Academy” programs.

Currently, she is the Director of Pharmacy Services at Princeton Baptist Medical Center in Alabama. She is involved in inpatient care in a different manner than those in clinical or staff roles. Her job is to ensure medication safety and regulatory compliance for all patients in the hospital.

As a leader and professor, she enjoys being able to move pharmacy forward from a leadership perspective including mentoring excellence. Over the course of 22+ years, she has had the pleasure of watching people move from shadowing high school students to pharmacy school graduates to accomplished clinicians. She states that it’s always a thrill to open an industry journal and see a former student’s name as the primary author.


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