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Faculty Spotlight: David W. Bobb

Faculty Spotlight: David W. Bobb 


David W Bobb is a pharmacist, attorney, and retired USAF Colonel with experience in both the civilian & federal healthcare management sectors. His widely varied career has placed him in such practice settings as independent pharmacies, large retail chain pharmacies, USAF pharmacies, industry, & more recently, positions within the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Defense. Currently, he leads, manages, and shapes the $9.7 billion Department of Defense TRICARE Pharmacy Program to provide exceptional pharmacy services for 9.4 million beneficiaries worldwide. Serves as the principal advisor to the Assistant Secretary of Defense, Health Affairs, and Director, Defense Health Agency (DHA) on all aspects of policy and priority development related to Military Health System (MHS) pharmacy benefits & operations.

He has had the opportunity to integrate and consolidate diverse healthcare systems, build cohesive high-performing teams, and develop effective medication safety and quality assurance programs across the spectrum of pharmacy operations to optimize patient care.

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