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HITRUST Certification Validates Our Commitment to Data Security

HITRUST Certification Validates Our Commitment to Data Security

Verity Solutions is pleased to share that our Verity 340B® platform has received certification from the Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) on version 9.3 of the Common Security Framework(CSF). “Verity had previously received certification under the 8.1 version of the CSF.” HITRUST certification demonstrates that an organization operates at a level which meets the gold standard of excellence for Health Industry Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance.    

According to HITRUST’s website, “the HITRUST approach provides organizations a comprehensive information risk management and compliance program to provide an integrated approach that ensures all programs are aligned, maintained and comprehensive to support an organization’s information risk management and compliance objectives.”   

“In order to attain the certification, an organization like Verity’s must meet over 500 different control requirements across 19 different topic domains, such as privacy, security, and resiliency”, said Mark Cassidy, founding CTO of Verity Solutions.  Verity must apply for certification every two years due to the continuously changing landscape in the security arena.    

When Verity Solutions started as a company, we decided to certify our Verity 340B® platform, not just our data center, to keep our customers’ data as safe as possible. At Verity, we are committed to adhering to security best practices and will continue to maintain a HITRUST certification on an ongoing basis. 

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