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SPARx Advances Ambulatory and Specialty Pharmacy to Drive New Revenue

SPARx Advances Ambulatory and Specialty Pharmacy to Drive New Revenue

Realize new levels of success in your ambulatory and specialty pharmacies with best in class processes, software, and experience that ensures your long-term success.

Company Background

Comprehensive Pharmacy Services, LLC. (CPS), one of the nation’s largest providers of pharmacy services, was founded nearly 50 years ago, employing over 2,500 pharmacy professionals, and servicing over 800 hospitals and healthcare providers nationwide. SPARx (specialty and ambulatory pharmacy), a division of Comprehensive Pharmacy Services, is a specialty pharmacy partner that provides expertise in specialty pharmacy, ambulatory, and infusion services. We help clients tackle complex problems through our suite of services across the entire outpatient pharmacy value stream. SPARx helps pharmacy leaders achieve operational excellence, drive clinical quality, attain continuous regulatory compliance, and improve bottom-line performance — all while supporting pharmacy staff, caregivers, and patients. 

Product Overview

SPARx provides a comprehensive set of solutions addressing all facets of your outpatient pharmacy ecosystem including retail, specialty pharmacy, and infusion. We are “partners” not “consultants,” and our experience and expertise in commercial, independent, and hospital-owned specialty pharmacies is what differentiates us from our competitors. We provide expertise in specialty pharmacy, ambulatory, and infusion services empowering healthcare organizations to own their own specialty pharmacy and associated revenue stream. 

• Financial Opportunity Analysis: Financial pro forma that creates a clear picture of the specialty pharmacy landscape at your health system and where there are business and clinical opportunities. 

• Pharmacy Design and Buildout (Retail, Infusion, Specialty): Design and workflow including automation support and maximization of the size of the building.

• 340b Compliance/Optimization: 340B potential and strategy to capture any leakage and/or high-potential clinics possibly qualified.

• Staffing/Training: A strategy and plan for on-site and/or remote staffing from implementation through ongoing operations. 

• Operations/Software: Implementation of pharmacy management software and development of operational processes including benefits investigation, prior authorizations, clinical patient management, and front-end processing.

• Accreditation / Reaccreditation: URAC and ACHC accreditation. 

• Trade Access: Access to brand names and key decision makers in limited distribution drug networks. 

• Payor Access: Access to both regional and national network opportunities including any requirements needed, negotiations, and support needs.

• Sales and Marketing Services: Successfully build your pharmacy brand and increase your referral base with communications, messaging, collateral, PR, campaigns, videos, whitepapers, etc. 

Industry Experience

The CPS SPARx team has over 50 years of experience in the core services we provide. Our operations team brings senior leadership experience from the largest payor-owned, independent, and hospital specialty pharmacies. This includes Optum, ESI, Caremark, MedImpact, Avella, Kroger, Axium, Walmart, University of Chicago, and RUSH Medical Center. This experience allows our operations team to implement the most efficient operations with the latest technology and patient engagement tools. We have built and designed 50+ specialty pharmacies ranging in size from 250 square feet to over 30,000 square feet. In addition to development, our team has managed and built pharmacies with annual revenue between $24 million and $2 billion across multiple disease states. Our accreditation team has experience with over 250 accreditations. We have a 100% success rate and our customers have successfully acquired URAC and ACHC when our accreditation team has participated. The team has also proven results by providing access to the largest payor networks and the most challenging limited network products in the market. Our clients have access to over 98% of limited distribution products that are associated with the key disease states of the health system. As well as the key specialty payor networks on both a national and regional level. This includes Optum, Caremark, Humana, BCBS, Aetna, and regional networks such as Navitus. Learn more about SPARx by visiting our website at

Markets Served

• Hospital Outpatient

• Independent Retail

• Mail Order

• Specialty

• Infusion

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