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10-Day Pay by Return Solutions Offers the Fastest Reimbursement Available [VIDEO]

10-Day Pay by Return Solutions Offers the Fastest Reimbursement Available

Return Solutions’ 10-Day Pay is the fastest expired pharmaceutical reimbursement program in the industry. Receive a single check for your credit in as few as 10 days after your return, or choose from our 30-, 60-, or 90-day options.

Company Background

Return Solutions was founded in 1992, and in 1998 became the first expired product returns company to begin issuing credit in checks directly to our customers. Since then, we have processed more than 100,000 returns and over $800 million in credit. We are one of the most trusted reverse distributors in the industry with over 25 buying groups representing 20,000+ pharmacies across the country recommending us to their members.

Product Overview

Reclaim time spent tracking expired pharmaceutical return credits so you can focus on what matters most. The OneCheck Select program eliminates credit tracking, freeing up your time to dedicate to patient care, and running your business. Credit values are listed on the check stub, so you know exactly how much you have received from each manufacturer. Our all-inclusive fee, including shipping, CII-CV processing, destruction of non-returnable items, and extensive reporting available on our website, is a fixed percentage of your credit value and is deducted directly from the check we issue to you. The time it takes to reconcile estimated versus received credit is significantly reduced with manufacturer credit values listed directly on the check stub, allowing you to utilize your time for more important tasks.

Service Options

-On-Site Service

Let our experienced representatives take care of your entire return from start to finish. Your dedicated service representative will spend two to three hours scanning your prescription shelves for outdated items. Outdated merchandise is scanned into our proprietary software and your rep provides you with a complete inventory and credit estimate the day of your service. All items are boxed and sealed, and a FedEx pickup is scheduled for the next business day. Additional benefits include consultation regarding items with recently released generic equivalents, collection of Schedule II-V items and issuance of all necessary documentation, and collection of recalled items

-Mail-In Service

Do your returns on your own schedule by using our online portal to create returns, inventory items, and print return forms and prepaid UPS shipping labels. Simply scan the bar code or enter the NDC and the drug information will populate. You can keep a running inventory until you are ready to ship your items — your list is automatically saved. When you are ready, submit your return and we will mail out a DEA 222 form if you are sending us Schedule II items. Print your prepaid shipping labels and give your boxes to any UPS driver. As soon as we process your return, you will be able to view your inventory and credit estimate online.

Online Reporting

Our newly updated customer portal allows you to view your complete returns history with data down to the NDC level for every return we process for you. The dashboard shows your most recent return, a return history, and a snapshot of trends in your returnable versus non-returnable products. You can print or export return reports, controlled substance reports, proof of destruction, and copies of our checks. You can also manage any direct manufacturer credits or request us to track those for you if you do not have a record of receiving them.


“Return Solutions has always been quick and efficient at getting our money on returns. Our rep is knowledgeable about all the return policies and talks with me about any problems that may arise. He’s professional and efficient when pulling stock and makes us aware of the items he pulls that will leave us short. We appreciate him for his effort in keeping our shelves in order. Thank you!”— Mr. Discount, Meridian, LA

Consumer Medication Collection 

MedCollect by Return Solutions provides simple, cost-effective, and compliant disposal of unused consumer prescription medications. Medication take-back receptacles help fight prescription drug abuse, prevent accidental poisoning, and protect the environment with waste-to-energy destruction. Installing a collection receptacle drives traffic to your pharmacy and displays your commitment to the health and safety of your community through responsible drug disposal. MedCollect offers two sizes of collection cabinets and provides you with everything you need for compliant collection and disposal, starting at just $89 per month.

Ordering Information

To learn more about how Return Solutions can help decrease time spent on returns and maximize your expired product credit, please call (800) 579-4804 or email You can also visit our website at for additional information or to create an account.

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