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Medicine-On-Time, A CSS Health Company — Medication Adherence Solutions

Medicine-On-Time, A CSS Health Company — Medication Adherence Solutions

Medicine-On-Time, a CSS Health Company provides compliance packaging products, clinical solutions, and member services that increase patient adherence, lower DIR fees, and add new revenue opportunities to your business.

Company Background

Medicine-On-Time, A CSS Health Company, is a leader in adherence solutions that improve patient outcomes and increase pharmacy profitability. Its Pharmacy Services Division offers multi-dose and single-dose compliance packaging solutions as well as marketing and business development services. Its Payer Services Division connects pharmacies to health plans and PBMs for clinical reimbursement opportunities.

Product Overview

Medicine-On-Time provides a wide array of multi-dose and single-dose compliance packaging solutions to help you service any patient in any care setting. Each package is expertly designed to help your pharmacy better serve your patients and improve medication adherence.

Product Highlights

-motNext Software: motNext Software organizes your medication adherence program. It optimizes workflow by managing patient profiles, cycle dates, and more. Power multiple types of compliance packaging solutions and enhance patient services with this best-in-class patient management software.

-MOT Complete: Powered by motNext, this color-coded multi-dose system is the most versatile solution on the market. It can be prepared in a monthly or weekly calendar format in any day supply up to 35. Removable dose cups are perfect for on-the-go. This product is proven to increase patient PDC scores for low-performing patients by over 30%. 

-Multi-Dose Startup Solutions: Medicine-On-Time offers easy-startup multi-dose solutions for pharmacies just beginning their adherence program. Seven-day compliance packages are available with standard and jumbo blisters.

-CircuPack: Powered by motNext, this semi-automated system provides an easy and accurate filling process in the pharmacy using barcode-driven technology. The one-of-a-kind round multi-dose blister card is intuitive and easy for the patient to follow. An optional patient reminder mobile app delivers an alarm to the patient when a dose is due to be taken.

-New! Single-Dose Card for SynMed: Our newest single-dose card is designed to meet the specifications of SynMed XF or Ultra robots produced by pharmacy automation partner, Synergy Medical. It’s available in 30, 31, and 31 Cycle Fill variations including medium and large blisters.

-NEW! Single-Dose Select Seal: When pharmacies must accept returns from nursing homes for credit under Medicare Part A, MOT Select Seal allows for the recovery of the unused medications in a unit dose blister package. Medication name, strength, lot number, and expiration date preprinted on each dose cup. Available in 30 and 31 dose configurations including medium and large blisters.

-Coming Soon: Look for more multi-dose compliance packaging options available in May 2021!


“Medicine-On-Time helped me become a five-star pharmacy. I have seen a return on my investment by lowering my DIR fees.”— Germaine Robinson, Germ’s Thrift Clinic, Opelousas, LA

Member Services Overview

Medicine-On-Time member services are designed to help your pharmacy optimize workflow and increase revenue.

-Customer Support: Our team of IT professionals and nationally certified pharmacy technicians offer training and support for motNext patient management software and assist with daily workflow needs. All members of the team have extensive experience with medication adherence and workflow management. They answer phones live and provide prompt assistance.

-Marketing and Business Expansion Services: A dedicated team of marketing professionals work directly with your pharmacy to provide marketing resources that help you reach the target markets you value most. We equip you with printable and digital assets to promote your business online and in person. Whether you are educating your patients, engaging physicians, or working with facilities in your community, Medicine-On-Time supports you every step of the way.

-New! Performance Program: Mitigate DIR fees and realize new financial opportunities with Medicine-On-Time’s Performance Program. We empower your staff with the knowledge and tools you need to raise your pharmacy quality measures with a targeted approached that will improve your bottom line.

Advanced Practice Network

CSS Health’s Advanced Practice Network (APN) is helping to advance the practice of pharmacy by offering reimbursement opportunities for clinical services. Through negotiated health plan and payer contracts, CSS Health connects APN members to new cases and new opportunities to practice at the top of your license.

Ordering Information

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