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Teknipure’s customers work under strict regulations and guidelines. Many healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical devices, and life science facilities have adjusted supplies to comply with even more changes in 2020. The team at Teknipure understands these changes and constantly evaluates manufacturers and products to assure their customers Teknipure is always ready to fulfill requirements.

Due to the precarious nature of the Pandemic, Teknipure’s operations include contingency plans to have backup options for an uninterrupted supply chain. They keep a large inventory on hand, and its development team is developing new solutions to improve results and minimize contamination. Its experience in the industry makes Teknipure less vulnerable to resource disruptions.

Teknipure stands 100% behind its products, such as, but not limited to:

Dry Wipes

Pre-Sat Wipes

Sterile Wipes



Mopping Systems

Adhesive Entry Mats

Every day, Teknipure focuses on developing products to provide customers with better quality products and better choices. The attention to production process innovation results in less scrap, lower cost, and reduced waste.


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