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COVID-19 Vaccine Waste Disposal Guidance



Over the past year, Stericycle has mobilized quickly and effectively at each stage of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to support our customers and their communities. Whether it be through additional pickups for hospitals or providing a new and secure solution to dispose of personal protective equipment (PPE), we stood by ready to support in any situation.

With COVID-19 vaccines deploying throughout the United States, healthcare facilities are managing an influx of both patients and vaccination waste. Stericycle’s Regulatory and Safety teams have been closely monitoring the distribution and administration of vaccines. Our cross-functional COVID-19 Vaccination Task Force has scaled up our operations, building a state-level forecast to better understand the vaccine rollout across distribution channels and modeling various scenarios to prepare our operations.  

We have been working with our network of stakeholders from state and federal governments as well as vaccine manufacturers to align our solutions for various scenarios requiring consideration of unique disposal needs. As the leader in this space, we advocate for your needs and provide you with guidance and solutions that will help you protect what matters.

Learn more about our comprehensive COVID-19 Vaccine Waste Guidance and the solutions that can help you remain safe and compliant.


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