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COVID-19: Support is On-going for Long-Term Care

AmerisourceBergen continues its commitment to partnering with long-term care pharmacies to support developments in the treatment and prevention of COVID-19. 2020 was challenging, and pharmacists worked around the clock to help the most vulnerable, high-risk patient populations. We laud the efforts of pharmaceutical staff in long-term facilities for their enduring dedication to their patients.

The team at AmerisourceBergen is prepared to communicate the latest in resources and support regarding coronavirus for customers. The team regularly assesses any new developments and triages any challenges that have arisen over the previous week. Clients can turn to AmerisourceBergen for information regarding COVID-19 products and services that are new to the market. 

It’s not easy to navigate all the guidance, ordinances, laws, and regulations occurring because of COVID-19. AmerisourceBergen is the ultimate source to help pharmacists address any changes. In every location that AmerisourceBergen operates, they developed the right relationships with officials to advocate for long-term care pharmacies’ needs.


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