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Rely on NuAire

The cabinet in the lab must lock properly. The ventilation must comply with USP 800 regulations. The temperature must create the precise environmental conditions for production. And the airflow in the compounding pharmacy must be perfect. NuAire understands all these needs and delivers excellence in airflow, heat levels, and vibration for its customers.

Mapping every aspect of the workflow involved in lap equipment ensures protection and safe handling of materials. The team at NuAire takes every step and action into consideration when they design its products. They put themselves in the role of the end-user. This means components are always accessible, instruments are easy to use, and doubts don’t appear because the designers factored in everything.


NuAire develops quality products designed for specific applications at an affordable price. They offer a built-to-order method to create a unique product. This methodology improves productivity by tailoring a solution to meet specific customer needs. This configuration process is as simple as adding accessories, such as a base stand, or creating a custom solution like a biological enclosure for robotics. 

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