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Revenue Generation Ideas for Today's Pharmacy – Beyond Dispensing


Research by AmerisourceBergen found almost 80% of pharmacists anticipate playing a greater role in patient care and becoming a more integral part of patient health care teams. Currently, pharmacists say they spend just a tenth of their time counseling patients, as dispensing-related requirements take priority.

This gap between how pharmacists could be interacting with patients and how they actually spend their time illustrates what Deloitte calls an "underutilization" of today's pharmacists. Deloitte forecasts a fundamental change in the role of the pharmacist as technological developments alleviate many of the manual, time-consuming responsibilities associated with dispensing.

The Deloitte analysis goes on to envision a not-so-distant future in which robots manage dispensing processes, 3D printers manufacture customized medications, and algorithms help pharmacy staff make data-based decisions.


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