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Saving Lives Through Reliable and Innovative Technology 

Pharmacy Refrigerators

Volume: 1.8 ft³ go 31.6 ft³ 

Set point: +5°C

Laboratory Freezers

Volume: 4.3 ft³ to 31.6 ft³

Set point: -41°C / -32°C

Ultra Low Freezers

Volume: 16 ft³ to 31.6 ft³

Set Point: -82°C

Transport Systems

Volume: 0.1 ft³ to 3.2 ft³ 


-Broad portfolio- includes 9 refrigerators, 7 freezers, 4 ultra low freezers and 6 transport boxes

-Ergonomic handle design and bottom compressor placement

-Field reversible door on all models

-Energy efficient design

-Customizable interior storage options including drawers, wire shelves and accessories

-7" full touchscreen display


-°B Connected 24/7 web-based monitoring

-Min/Max display and temperature data export capabilities through USB

-Stable temperature distribution and quicker recovery times

-Acoustic and visual alarms

-Electronic door lock mechanism protected with passwords and proximity card reader

-Antibacterial coating and high-quality stainless steel

-Lifetime warranty for zero corrosion


-Certified medical devices

-FDA class I and II

-Natural refrigerants

-Smooth cleanable surfaces

-Meets CDC guidelines

-In line with USP <800> requirements

B Medical Systems is a pioneering company in the medical industry with 40 years of experience in medical refrigeration. 

B Medical Systems | Headquarters- 17 op der Hei, 9809 Hosingen, Luxembourg | Warehouse- 14560 Bergen Boulevard, Building 200- Noblesville, Indiana 46060, USA | Phone: +1 317-771-5810 | 

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