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Is it a scoop? Or is it a weigh boat? It's both!

 Is it a scoop? Or is it a weigh boat? It's both!


Over and over, we hear the same story from customers just like you. They want to improve efficiency and reduce waste in the compounding lab, but compliance complicates the process. 

Do more with less — and within regulatory guidelines — when you transition to polystyrene scoops (sterile or non-sterile) that combine the function of a scoop with the benefit of a weigh boat. Because of their two-in-one convenience, they minimize the number of drug transfers and the amount of waste associated with routine tasks.

In addition to their versatility, an anti-static coating reduces the chance of materials sticking to the scoops and makes them ideal for powders, gels and semi-solid mixtures. As a bonus, they store flat to conserve space. 

Enjoy the success that comes with crushing your compounding goals. Click the link to place your order and we’ll ship your package out today! 

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