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Drug Package’s Safeguard Supply Program

Drug Package’s Safeguard Supply Program


What is Drug Package’s Safeguard Supply Program?

We designed our Safeguard Supply Program to do just that — safeguard our customers against exorbitant price increases and supply shortages. It’s the best protection for your inventory management and your bottom line on all the products Drug Package offers.

• Control Pricing

That means minimal to no price increases, no surprise billing.

• Guaranteed In-Stock Items

We will have what you need when you need it.

• Guaranteed Delivery Without Delay

No waiting and wondering when (or if) your order will arrive.

• Immediate Peace of Mind

Predictability, stability, and security for your inventory, budgeting, and planning.


Ready to Start Safeguarding Your Supplies?

Contact Drug Package to start the process to control your pricing, guarantee your stock and secure your delivery.

It’s one more way that Drug Package is there for you, with our unwavering commitment to best-in-class quality customer service behind every question answered, every problem solved, and every order placed. It’s simply who we are and how we help you.

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