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A family member thinks their loved one is not getting medication.

A family member thinks their loved one is not getting medication.


The drug diversion investigator of a hospital just received calls from the CNO and the Director of Pharmacy.  A family member of a current patient believes that pain pills are being diverted from their loved one.  Every afternoon, during a specific nurse’s shift, the patient complains to family members that they are in more pain than normal.  This accusation needs to be looked into quickly to determine if drugs are being diverted.

The drug diversion investigator knows that by using HelioMetrics’ Drug Diversion Investigation and Patient History Modules, they will be able to quickly determine what is happening.  Starting with the Patient History tab, the patient is entered and instantly the investigator is able to see all the medication that has been ordered, dispensed, administered and wasted/returned for them.  The date and time of the events, which staff member(s) are attributed to these events, and the amounts and doses of the medication.  The investigator can view trends and patterns in the patient’s drug history and identify if there are any specific caregivers that are always working with that patient in the afternoon when the pain level increases.

Once the investigator identifies possible suspects that might be involved in diverting medication, they utilize the Drug Diversion Investigation tab.  This dashboard allows you to view an individual caregiver and analyze specific data based on organization policies defined by time parameters.  Information from multiple data sources are seamlessly integrated and correlated for you on a single screen giving the investigator an intuitive and easy-to-use way to quickly investigate anomalous activity.  No more jumping back and forth between multiple systems.  The data you need for an investigation is provided for you in one location to drill down into the transaction to help identify if drug diversion was actually occurring.

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