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Optimizing MALDI-TOF for Filamentous Fungi Identification

Optimizing MALDI-TOF for Filamentous Fungi Identification


Webinar Overview

Recovering fungal samples from environmental monitoring (EM) is a concern for all pharmaceutical, medical device, and consumer care manufacturers. Accurate identification of filamentous fungi is an important part of tracking and trending the manufacturing facility’s microflora and can provide critical information during contamination investigations.

Filamentous fungi identification has long been a challenge for quality control laboratories and microbiologists. Traditional phenotypic methods are error-prone and cumbersome, have a longer time-to-result, and limited databases for identification. MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry has revolutionized microbial identifications by providing a fast, accurate, and reproducible solution that is more reliable than phenotypic methods.

This webinar will explain the challenges and solutions to adopting MALDI technology for identification of filamentous fungi with an emphasis on sample preparation and database development.

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