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Protecting the Lab

To safeguard discoveries, protect a patient sample, or keep a vaccine at the right temperature, laboratories need multi-sensor monitors, data loggers, and alarm notification systems. These protective devices track and trace temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage, airflow. Labs can get these products from Hampshire Controls Corp, providing peace of mind and positive outcomes for lab personnel. 


The team at Hampshire Controls understands the critical nature of the work conducted by their customers. They also know that a startup biotech firm may need a stand-alone system. Conversely, a large academic medical center may require an integrated system to monitor and log conditions remotely and in real-time inside their refrigerators, freezers, cryogenic coolers, test chambers, biosafety cabinets, and other equipment.

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The systems from Hampshire Controls enable researchers to quickly and efficiently identify and react to storage and usage conditions that could negatively impact scientific materials and experiments. Lab workers feel reassured that their work is always protected so that basic research, data analysis, and statistical process control can continue unhindered.

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