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In a healthcare environment, contaminants can come from expected and unexpected places.  Because of the multitude of pollutants and the Coronavirus, cleanroom personnel must have confidence that their protective coverings will not fail them. Prudential Cleanroom Services (PCS)  pulls from its 89 years of supply service to ensure the team applies every safety detail to their USP 797 sterile gowning and ancillary items.

Healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and biotech manufacturers receive sterile cleanroom garments made with the highest standards. PCS’s specialty is cleanroom garment processing services for aseptic, particulate, and ESD-controlled environments.  All PCS Cleanroom Services Garment Processing Facilities are validated for sterile garment processing, and have a quality management system that is ISO 9001 certified. This level of attention and control assures their customers when wearing PCS workwear and safety uniforms.

prudential uniforms.png

Whether customers need coveralls, goggles, hoods, or boots, this family-owned and operated supplier is committed to satisfying customers’ evolving requirements due to the Pandemic and frequent changes in the healthcare industry.

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