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Medacist created RxAuditor Investigate to partner with hospitals to identify diversion. The system’s methodology uncovers outliers to protect the hospital, lower costs, and eliminate time-consuming tasks that take away from patient care. The precise targeting within RxAuditor Investigate mitigates risk across the facility and decreases false positives across the medication use process.

This web-based application provides leadership with a one-stop source to inform them in real-time of any potential diversion activity. If an outlier appears, the feature-rich system evaluates it based on medication usage, activity trends, and workflow. Leadership receives guidance and documentation to substantiate activity regarding each outlier. 


By automating the prevention, assessments, and detection of any drug diversion, hospitals can feel assured that they have the tools to safeguard patients and act with accuracy. The team at Medacist understands that no level of tolerance exists when it comes to drug diversion. And when hospital leaders have to address a case, RxAuditor Investigate gives them clarity and confidence in their decision-making. 

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