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Providing Courier Services For Long-Term Care Pharmacies [VIDEO]

Providing Courier Services For  Long-Term Care Pharmacies

Mideast Delivery Solutions is a courier company with a national presence that is dedicated to the service of long-term care pharmacies. With over 30 years of courier management experience, our team operates with very high service expectations and a keen sense of urgency.

• Experienced, vetted professionals.

• A proven, personalized service model, available anywhere nationwide.

• Latest signature capture technology, improving audit performance and daily service reporting.

• State-of-the-art online portal, providing around-the-clock monitoring of medications.

• Partnerships with MHA and Net-Rx provide discounted rates and rebates.

• No wait time, after-hours, or holiday charges.

Contact us today!
844-LTC-DLVR (582-3587)

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