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Your partner in product packaging and marketing

Your partner in product packaging and marketing


Seek to leverage our expertise in bringing your oral solids and liquids products to market. Industry veterans lead our product development and manufacturing departments. Skilled internal teams provide support in securing market access for our supplier partners. Our state-of-the-art production lines excel at a multitude of manufacturing tasks.

Package Design and Development

Catering to the needs of the healthcare marketplace, our packaging engineers can design and develop custom products to satisfy various packaging or kitting needs, from sample blister packages for manufacturers to consumer-friendly compliance packages.

Oral Liquids

In-house liquid unit-dose production capabilities expand our ability to serve the healthcare marketplace. The same leadership that guides our oral solids production supports quality and efficiency while ensuring your products are handled with care.

Blister Packaging

We produce both thermoformed and cold-formed blister cards specifically designed for delivering unit-dose medications at the bedside. We have inline printing capabilities and can utilize a variety of film and foil combinations.


We are leaders in supporting industry-wide track-and-trace initiatives surrounding serialization. We are capable of supporting numerous anti-counterfeiting features such as RFID and tamper-resistant labeling.

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