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Introducing the Medacist RxDiversion Scorecard

Introducing the Medacist RxDiversion Scorecard

By David Brzozowski Jr., Medacist Chief Technology Officer

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The drug diversion technology marketplace can be complex and confusing for today’s hospital and healthcare providers. Many vendors and evaluators are looking at only one aspect or feature of a particular offering or solution, which can lead to disappointing results for potential customers and partners. To help simplify this process, we are excited to today announce the Medacist RxDiversion Scorecard, a new online set of guidelines to help hospitals and healthcare institutions understand their specific needs and evaluate drug diversion analytics solutions.

Using a scorecard system for evaluation, the program leverages our industry-leading experience and over twenty years of data and information to help healthcare executives understand key elements and requirements for an effective drug diversion analytics solution.

Many industry “experts” and analysts are locked into reviewing one aspect of a particular offering or focused only on the newest feature as part of their evaluation process. We developed these criteria to help our clients and the broader industry with a tangible way to evaluate solutions that are in the market and match them to their specific, real-world needs and requirements. This effort is part of our ongoing commitment and mission to providing our clients with better solutions and more actionable insights to better protect patient outcomes.

The RxDiversion Scorecard outlines a series of performance characteristics surrounding data integration and abstraction, algorithmic characteristics and artificial intelligence, vendor capability and agility, security and support, and reporting and workflow.

We will delve into each of these areas in future posts. For now, please enjoy and utilize the RxDiversion Scorecard and contact us with any questions. We’re eager to hear your feedback!

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