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Transport up to 900 lbs. of supplies in a single trip.

Don’t Let Physical Demands Outweigh Rewards


Over time, the physical demands of your job can lead to health risks. Unpacking boxes, restocking shelves and transporting equipment — sometimes even patients — all adds up. Avoid unnecessary strain with a simple solution that lightens your load, literally.  

Transport up to 900 lbs. of supplies throughout your facility in just one trip. Our heavy-duty MetroMax Utility Carts, available in two sizes, are designed to move large loads so you don’t compromise your safety. Because they feature removable grid sections for quick, easy cleaning and disinfecting, they keep contamination at bay, too. 

Does your load include small, loose items? Add Shelf Inlays to prevent them from falling through. Inlays are clear, so they help maintain the neat, clean look of open-shelving.

Don’t let the demands of your job outweigh the rewards. Trust our mobile transport solution to prevent stress and provide relief! 

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