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Fagron Launches New Brand Identity and Purpose

press release

Fagron today launched its new brand identity, with its redefined purpose ‘Together we create the future of personalized medicine’. The new brand identity reflects Fagron, our culture, our values, our business segments, while also reflecting our devotion and passion to improve personalized medicine.

Rafael Padilla, CEO of Fagron: “Our purpose reflects our commitment to improve personalized medicine through meaningful innovation. Together, with prescribers, pharmacists and customers, using the innovative power of our growing company and embracing the opportunities personalized medicine has to offer. As a leading player, we aim to lead and take responsibility to further shape and grow the world of personalized medicine. This improves the quality of life and will drive our future growth” 

New logo - Connecting the dots

The new brand identity consists of a powerful logo, a new brand architecture and a brand line. Together, it creates one, distinctive global brand and supports Fagron’s strategic vision to create the future of personalized medicine.

The logo consists of nine dots. Every dot represents an important element of Fagron’s identity. Acknowledging heritage, valuing today and embracing the future. Fagron puts its customer first; the customer is represented by the first red dot. Surrounded by red dots that represent business values deemed to be crucial to deliver on our purpose; speed of execution, entrepreneurship, creativity and quality. Quality is at the center of our new logo, emphasizing that quality is in the middle of our daily operations and main center of reference. The sixth and last red dot stands for the core business being pharmaceutical compounding.

The subsequent three grey dots symbolize the evolution of new business segments that have recently been introduced:

- Fagron Genomics: Development, production and marketing of innovative genetic tests. The genetic analysis, with algorithm-based software developed by Fagron, takes place in the state-of-the-art Next Generation Sequencing laboratory of Fagron Genomics in Barcelona (Spain).

- FagronLab: R&D and analytic services for personalized medicine.

- Fagron Tech: Software and digital technological solutions for personalized medicine.

About Fagron, Inc.

 Fagron, Inc., a Fagron global company, is a leading developer and supplier of innovative delivery vehicles (creams, syrups, and lotions), bulk pharmaceutical ingredients, excipients, and high quality compounding equipment. Based in St. Paul, MN, it is a US FDA and DEA-registered pharmaceutical manufacturer that strictly adheres to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). All batches are tested for identity, strength, quality, purity and compliance with relevant USP or other monographs in Fagron's in-house analytical laboratory. For more information, visit

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