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There's nothing traditional about these totes. Here's why that matters.

Other Totes Will Be Green with Envy


What can’t our lightweight plastic totes hold? We haven’t figured it out yet, but so far it’s not IV bags, loose medical supplies or even laundry. 

Transport practically anything anywhere in your facility when you load these durable totes onto our Stainless Steel Cart. Hand grips make them easier to carry and one-piece construction reduces the risk of leaks from accidental spills or breakage. 

Worried about the space they’ll consume when they’re empty? Don’t be. They stack and nest so they’re never a nuisance. 

Don’t spend your day making multiple trips to replenish supplies when you can do twice as much in half the time. Whether you use them to deliver items to their final destination or to organize meds after removal from cardboard shipping boxes, they get the job done and look good doing it. 

Totes are in stock and ready for same-day shipment!  

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